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Assisted Living in Danville CA

Assisted Living in Danville CA

It all comes together with an expert staff that assists wherever and whenever needed. We do all the work for our residents they do all the living. At New Alamo Residence Home of Danville, you will receive personalized care from our compassionate team in an intimate, boutique setting. Everyone who serves the residents of New Alamo Residence Home is committed to treating residents with respect, dignity, and compassion. Our residents have meaningful things to do every day. Whether it is exercising, listening to music, watching movies, participating in games, or socializing, our residents never feel lonely.


We provide comprehensive assisted living services at our facility in Danville, CA. Because each individual’s needs are unique, we will work with you to develop a custom care program that matches your needs.


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    We have the skills and are trained to care for people with the following conditions and care needs:


    · Diabetes

    · Parkinsons

    · Stroke victims

    · Colostomy/Catheters

    · Continuous or PRN Oxygen

    · Nebulizer treatments

    · Hoyer Lifts

    · 2 person transfers

    · Bipolar

    · Depression

    · Sight impaired

    · Multiple Sclerosis

    · Wheelchair bound




    Memory loss can be life-changing for all involved, which is why we developed customized Memory Care – specialized programs geared to enhance life, ensure safety and comfort the whole family.

    Our trained staff is dedicated to residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related cognitive disorders. At New Alamo Residence Home we are staffed with a team of experienced caregivers, who are trained in proven therapies, strategies, and modalities for enhancing the quality of life for these special-needs residents and their families.


    Our memory care program features a individual care approach that’s designed to help your loved one feel a sense of belonging while still preserving their identity and personality, amidst a safe and secure environment.


    Making The Right Decision Isn’t Always Easy


    You only want what’s best suited for your loved ones. But sometimes keeping them at home isn’t always the best option. Not everyone in the family has the time and resources to be a full-time caregiver for an elderly family member living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


    Just because your elderly family member needs more help and assistance than you can give at home doesn’t mean you don’t love them enough. It just means you need help and that’s OK.


    Studies show that senior citizens living in memory care communities often experience and enjoy a higher quality of life than living in their own homes. So you will surely find that this decision is much better for them and you.

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