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Assisted Living in Rossmoor

Our COVID-19 Response

The vaccine is our most powerful weapon in our battle against COVID-19, and vaccination is a requirement of employment at New Alamo Residence Home. We are proud that 100% of our staff and residents are vaccinated. We continue to adhere to rigorous infection prevention and safety protocols to keep everyone in our communities safe and healthy.

Where We Are Now


Vaccination Mandate
We are proud to have been one of the first in our industry to make the vaccine a requirement of employment, as there is nothing more important we could do to keep our residents and team safe. We have now hosted both vaccine and booster clinics in all our communities.


Rigorous infection prevention protocols
We continue to be vigilant with our infection prevention protocols, including masking and cleaning, to protect us not only from COVID but from flu and other illnesses. We have continued throughout the pandemic to maintain strong inventories of personal protective equipment so that we are not at the mercy of challenging supply chains.


Robust Testing Capabilities
We have robust testing capabilities, including lab partnerships for PCR tests and rapid response antigen tests, so that we can test early and often, and receive swift results.


Safe Visits
We require visitors to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to come inside our communities. We want our communities to be havens where everyone—even the most vulnerable—feels safe.


Coronavirus Advisory Council
At the very beginning of the pandemic, we put together a trusted panel of doctors, scientists, and other experts at the forefront of COVID prevention, research, and care. They have advised us and provided support throughout each stage of this journey.


Engagement Innovation
Community life is feeling back to normal, brimming with positive energy and activity. Yet even through the most challenging phases of COVID, we were able to keep our residents engaged and connected to their families and friends. Hallway concerts, 1:1 time with our amazing team, Chat Suites for Zoom and FaceTime, Outdoor Living Rooms, and our proprietary Family Link app are only a few of the ways our team innovated. Some of these innovations continue to keep us comfortable and safe even now. Why leave home when you can access telehealth from a plush Chat Suite!?

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